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Palo Alto Firewall Specialists Job In Noida – JOB17072023


Palo Alto Firewall Specialists Job In Noida – JOB17072023

Job Description: Palo Alto Firewall Specialists

We are seeking skilled and experienced Palo Alto Firewall Specialists to join our organization. As a Firewall Specialist in the field of cybersecurity, your primary responsibility is to design, implement, manage, and maintain firewall solutions to protect organizational networks from unauthorized access, malicious activities, and potential security breaches. You will work closely with the cybersecurity team to ensure the network infrastructure is secure, and you will play a critical role in identifying and mitigating potential risks and vulnerabilities.


• Install, configure, and maintain Palo Alto firewalls to meet the organization’s security requirements.
• Implement and enforce firewall policies to control network traffic and protect against unauthorized access. • Monitor firewall logs and alerts for security incidents, investigate and respond to any identified issues.
• Regularly update and patch firewall software to ensure the latest security features and bug fixes are applied.
• Optimize firewall performance and fine-tune rules to maximize network efficiency while maintaining security.


• Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, Information Technology, or a related field
• Strong knowledge of Palo Alto firewall products and technologies, including PAN-OS, firewall policies, NAT, VPN, SSL decryption, threat prevention, etc. • Familiarity with the Data Centre environment and hosted deployments/cloud.
• Strong analytical and problem-solving skills with the ability to troubleshoot complex network security issues.
• Excellent communication skills to effectively collaborate with cross-functional teams and present technical information to non-technical stakeholders. • Relevant certifications, such as Palo Alto Certified Network Security Engineer (PCNSE), are highly desirable.
• Must have good networking knowledge and experience.
• In-depth understanding of network protocols, TCP/IP, subnetting, routing, and switching must.
• Certifications preferred (CCNA/CCNP).
• Excellent communication skills – both written and verbal.
• Must be flexible to work outside of business hours as per business requirements.
• Familiarity with industry best practices and frameworks for network security. This job description is a general outline of responsibilities and qualifications and is not exhaustive. Additional tasks relevant to the position may be required.

Salary: As per industry standards
Location: Mumbai
Contact: Ms. Ashwini Panchal
Mob.: +91 8928626092
Email: hr@metainfotech.com

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