Networking Protocols Explanation - CCNA Training Institute Noida

Networking Protocols Explanation – CCNA Training Institute Noida


Networking Protocols Explanation – CCNA Training Institute Noida

Networking protocols are the key building blocks that enable devices to communicate on a network. Hence, learn Networking Protocols Explanation – CCNA Training Institute Noida

Having a solid grasp of major networking protocols is a must-have skill for any IT professional. CCNA Training in Noida best explain Networking Protocols.

But with so many protocols today, things can get confusing. Hence, learn these protocols for ever lasting career in networking domain.

In this post, I’ll break down some of the most common and important ones:

🌐 TCP/IP – The fundamental protocol of the internet. TCP 📦 handles assembling data into packets and reliable delivery. IP 🏷️ handles addressing and routing the packets. Together they enable communication over interconnected networks.

🔎 DNS – The Domain Name System 📜. This system translates domain names (like to the machine-readable IP addresses 🆔 needed for locating and routing traffic on the internet.

🌐 HTTP – The Hypertext Transfer Protocol. This application layer protocol defines how web clients 💻 and servers 🖥️ communicate. HTTP establishes connections, specifies request methods (GET, POST) 👾 and response codes (404, 500)❗️, and formats & transports web pages, assets, APIs etc.

🔒 HTTPS – HTTP Secure 🔒. It’s the same as HTTP but with added encryption 🔏 of communication and authentication 👤 of servers through SSL/TLS certificates 🪪. This provides security and data privacy.

✉️ SMTP – Simple Mail Transfer Protocol. The standard protocol for email 📧 transmission between servers over the internet. SMTP handles formatting, transmission, routing, and delivery of email.

🗂️ FTP – File Transfer Protocol. Allows transferring files (uploading & downloading) between hosts over TCP networks. Widely used for exchanging files between client 💻 and server 🖥️ programs.

⚡️ UDP – User Datagram Protocol. A lightweight transport layer protocol used for time-sensitive transmissions like video streaming 📺, online gaming 🎮, and voice chats 💬.

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